7 (+1) ways in which Technology can help to maximize the impact of your organisation

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If you work in an organisation who tackles a pressing social or environmental problem, you probably wonder how you can help more people in a more effective way. Are you using all the possibilities that technology can offer? Here are some ideas:

1. Build or improve your digital presence

Technology can show the world what your organisation is working on, widening your reach and making it easier for people to find you.

2. Automate your processes

Payrolls, backups, customer relationship management…boost your effectiveness by automating your processes and let the robots do the repetitive tasks.

3. Increase transparency and democracy

Implement agile and inclusive decision-making processes within your organisation with Digital Participatory Democracy Tools.

4. Analyse your data to see the full picture

Establish connections between processes by centralising all the information about your organisation in a digital platform. By leveraging data analytics and business intelligence tools, your organisation can gain valuable insights into user behavior and operational performance, allowing you to make data-driven decisions and strategic plans.

5. Secure the information about your company and prevent unauthorised people from accessing it

If you are working with vulnerable people, probably this is one of your main concerns: who should and shouldn’t access the information? Help them stay safe by securing the data you collect and manage about them.

6. Prioritise tasks and measure its progress

Don’t get lost in an infinite to-do list with a Project Management tool.

7. Improve communication and collaboration with your team

Whether is a chat, an email conversation or a collaborative document, there is a technological tool that can help you.

And in general, free up time for your team to explore all its human creativity. Let’s make technology work for you!

How does technology help you or your organisation? Are there any problems that you think that technology can solve? Please get in touch with your thoughts, comments or ideas.

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