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If you are part of an established organisation, there are many ways in which technology can help you. The advantages that technology presents can also be used for creating new communities and for offering solutions to the members of already established communities.

Newly created groups can use technology for coordinating their members and structuring their actions. If you are in the process of forming a group and want to know more about the options available and how they align with your values, you may be interested in the workshop Basic Digital Infrastructure for groups, which you can attend on your own or with other members of your team.

You may be working with a community of users in a project in which technology plays a major role. If you need more people to join your project before it can move forward, as funders, users or experts, you can add your project here and get notified when someone else joins it. If you already have all the resources needed and you are looking for an IT professional with experience in working with communities for implementing your project, you can get in touch directly here.

Community Technologists are people who have the desire to build, design and facilitate the healthy integration of technology into their communities. They emphasize self-governance, participatory learning, collaborative design and sustainability. Pau&Company, as a Community Technology practitioner, researched about the digital aspects of multistakeholder cooperatives as part of the course/incubator programme Platforms Co-ops now!, participates in regular meetings of the Community Tech programme developed by Promising Trouble and has contributed to the Sociodigital Futures and Community Technology Research Study led by Matt Dowse from the University of Bristol. She is part of Community Bridge, an international project that offers Digital Privacy workshops and other services to users.

If you have web development, fundraising or marketing skills, maybe you want to improve the Community Tech ecosystem by joining the FundingTech team, who will be building a digital platform for connecting communities and individuals with funding opportunities for their tech projects at the next Co-op Hackathon. It will be taking place in Manchester on 8-9 May 2024. Book your place here!

And for everything else, if you want to make technology work for your community, get in touch!

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