Paula Mesa Macías – Curriculum Vitae

Enthusiastic and multi-disciplinar, I love connecting people and trying to find the essence of things.

Work Experience

Developer and TesterDevOps: Operations and
Project Management
Training and Workshops
DecidimFem Devs (Ruby on Rails, Decidim)

Key2Asset – Giant Leap technologies (Java, LDAP, Flowable, Angular)

Some of the websites I have developed or optimised:
PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS

Applications for internal use:
– Locker application Students Union Carlos III University of Madrid (PHP, JavaScript, SQL, HTML, CSS)
– Online catalogue (ASP, JavaScript, SQL, HTML, CSS)

Software Tester – Testbirds, Crowdtesting and Test Automation

Interest in: Data analysis with Python.
Dev-ops Upskill course – TechReturners (AWS, Google Cloud, Terraform, Docker, Kubernetes, ArgoCD, Helm, CircleCI, Prometheus)
Looking for my first professional project in this field…

– Technical Support Worker – Acuntia
– IT Systems administrator – Carlos III University of Madrid

Project Management
– SCRUM certified
– Self-employed for 4 years, leading collaborations like this one
– Requirements Engineer – Giant Leap Technologies

+ strong customer service experience
Cybersecurity – Altius Foundation

Robotics – Medialab Madrid

Creative Programming in EqualityWomen’s Institute

Robotics Workshops (Scratch) – Women’s Institute

Computer Systems and Networks – Adefis, NGO for Social, Professional and Cultural Development, Training and Integration

Server Virtualisation (Windows Server 2008) – Nevada Entidad Formativa, s.l.

+ strong private tutoring experience

Careers and courses

University Degrees and MasterOther courses
Degree in Telecommunications Engineering (Carlos III University of Madrid)
– Computing
– Telematics
– Electronics
– Signal processing

Master in Telecommunications Engineering (Carlos III University of Madrid)
– Specialization in Telecommunication System and Networks.
– Year abroad in University Miguel Hernández of Elche.

Degree in English Studies (University of Alcalá de Henares)
– Text analysis and production (applied in SEO)
– Strong writing skills (applied in reporting bugs, documenting and writing revisions)
– Learning processes (applied in Technical Training)
– Effective communication (applied in team work)
– Year abroad in Manchester Metropolitan University
Platform co-ops now!University of Mondragon, The New School, New York (multi-stakeholder co-operatives and Digital Platforms) academy in Decentralised Organising (decision-making, conflict, accountability, power dynamics, money, and psychological safety)

Mobile applications and other technologies for people with Autistic Spectrum disordersOrange Fundation, Autonomous University of Madrid

Microprocessor based digital systems, Carlos III University of Madrid (PIC18F2525, C language)

Telecommunications projects, legislation and policyCarlos III University of Madrid
– principles, techniques and methodologies of Project Management
– Evolution of Telecommunication policies

Linux Networks AdministrationCarlos III University of Madrid
– Configuration, automation, security

Natural Language ProcessingCarlos III University of Madrid
– Text processing with neural networks

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