Technological Training and Workshops

Awake your inner learner and make technology work for you.

Training for professionals

Upskill your team to be able to access, understand and use your digital infrastructure and get everyone on board.

Tech Therapy sessions for individuals and small groups

Sessions with an IT professional designed specifically for helping you with your questions about technology.

Workshops for community groups

Get a group together and let’s create a friendly and accesible space where they can ask all their questions about technology!

Please feel free to reach out if you need to adapt one of these workshops for your own needs or to propose a new topic.

Electronics & Hardware

Electronics and Hardware

Learn how your device works and what you need to evaluate for buying electronic devices that meet your needs and are aligned with your values.

Available for mobile phones and laptops.

Digital Privacy

It is calculated that we would need 65467 hours for reading the Privacy Policies of all the applications we use in a year. Learn how to evaluate quickly if a company is using your data in a responsible way.

Privacy workshop

Learn about which data you are sharing with who, why is it important and how can you have a say in it.

Ethical Software

Choose between different flavours of Linux-based operating systems, experiment with them and install the one you prefer on your device.

How do you have conversations remotely? How do you share documents? And make decisions? Which videoconferencing tool should you use for it to be aligned with the values of your group? Find answers to these and other questions here.

Learn how to host and install WordPress and have a look at the possibilities it offers.

The moment is now! Design the structure of your web, tailor your texts and images to your audience and get your message out there.

Learn how to solve common problems in WordPress, how to secure and maintain it.